Art Nouveau WMF Champagne Cooler

Art Nouveau WMF Champagne Cooler

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MAKER: WMF (Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik)
ORIGIN: Germany
DATE: Pre-1914
MATERIALS: Copper, Brass
PERIOD: Edwardian
STYLE: Art Nouveau
HEIGHT: 19 cm / 8 inches
WIDTH: 20 cm / 8 inches
DEPTH: 16 cm / 6 inches
WEIGHT: 1 kilogram / 2 pounds

This champagne cooler is a classic example of WMF design.

Comprising a classic Art Nouveau floral motif of poppies and a crimped rim, this cooler is offered to you in wonderful condition.

Externally, the copper has been polished to maintain a bright surface. It has a few minor bumps that are only commensurate with its age.

The brass handles had been intricately fashioned in the form of vines leaves.

Internally, it has historically been used as a plant jardiniere and shows a slight patina as a result. Not as issue as this will not be seen when it is being used for its intended purpose.

A very special item that would sit perfectly in an enthusiasts collection.

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