Victorian Nursing Chair with Original Embroidery and Rosewood

Victorian Nursing Chair with Original Embroidery and Rosewood

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In Victorian times, the nursing chair was a low seated partially upholstered chair.

The low seat of the chair allowed the mother, who would have been wearing a stiff corset, to interact with small children without bending over.

This chair form was popular in England and found primarily in upper class homes.

This particular example is original in every way. With this in mind, it is not surprising that there is a little wear commensurate with age.

The embroidery is in absolutely wonderful condition. The quality of the workmanship is really special. Not only is the base design done to the highest standard, it is then made even more beautiful by having the flowers embossed in '3D' with a series of different coloured small beads.

Underneath, the springs are in very good condition and can handle the weight of an adult.

The chair's dimensions are:

Height (chair back) - 76 cm (30.5")
Height (seat): 36 cm (14,5")
Width (front of seat): 45 cm (18")
Width (back of seat): 30 cm (12")
Depth: 41 cm (16.25")

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