Edwardian Silver Plate Claret Jug - Immaculate

Edwardian Silver Plate Claret Jug - Immaculate

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MAKER: Frank Cobb and Co
ORIGIN: England (Sheffield)
MATERIALS: Silver Plate, Glass
PERIOD: Edwardian
STYLE: Decorative
CONDITION: Excellent
HEIGHT: 25cm / 10" WIDTH: 15cm / 6" DEPTH: 10cm / 4" WEIGHT: 795grams / 28oz

Made by Frank Cobb and Co in Sheffield between 1906-1911, this is an immaculate example of an Edwardian claret jug.

Proudly offered to you in excellent condition, the silver plating is marked A1 - denoting the highest quality of plating available. The mount is a handsome design with a handle that is secure and strong. The lid moves smoothly and the spout is clean.

The cut glass is dominated with a lattice hand cut design. It is complemented with a repeating geometric motif of horizontal lines. The glass is in perfect condition without any scratches or chips.

All in all, a magnificent example of an English antique claret jug.

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