Victorian Crystal and Silver Plate Epergne

Victorian Crystal and Silver Plate Epergne

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MAKER: E. Polland
MATERIALS: Silver Plate, Crystal
PERIOD: Victorian
STYLE: Aesthetic
CONDITION: Excellent
HEIGHT: 51 cm / 20 inches
WIDTH: 32 cm / 13 inches
WEIGHT: 2.2 kilograms / 4.9 pounds

This magnificent and large Victorian crystal and silver plate epergne is offered to you with pride.

An impressive and imposing piece that stands 51 cm / 20 inches tall.

Made in circa 1870 by E Polland silversmiths, its four crystal flutes and their silver plate pedestal are in perfect condition without scratches, marks, chips or dents.

The pedestal base, which is marked 'A1' - the highest quality silver plate, has been engraved in a foliage pattern while each of the flute supports is designed in the form of faun legs.

The four flutes have a lattice etched design and all sparkle brightly.

A truly special antique that would look incredible on any table in your home.


Silver Plate Pedestal:
Height: 29 cm / 12 inches
Width: 23 cm / 9 inches

Large Crystal Flute:
Length: 30 cm / 12 inches
Width: 15 cm / 6 inches

Small Crystal Flute:
Length: 14 cm / 5.5 inches
Width: 6 cm / 2.5 inches

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