Antique Victorian Six Piece Silver Plate Cruet Set - London

Antique Victorian Six Piece Silver Plate Cruet Set - London

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MAKER: Benetfink and Co
ORIGIN: England (London)
MATERIALS: Silver Plate, Glass
PERIOD: Victorian
STYLE: Decorative Lattice
CONDITION: Very Good (small chips to each vessel, one stopper matched but not original)
HEIGHT: 10cm / 4" WIDTH: 15cm / 6" DEPTH: 13cm / 5" WEIGHT: 745grams / 26oz

This six piece cruet set was made in the early stages of the Victorian era.

It comprises two pepperettes with silver plate lids, two oil/vinegar bottles, one salt cellar with silver plate spoon and one cayenne bottle with silver plate lid with integral spoon. Cruet sets with cayenne bottles are more rare than standard pepperette/salt/oil variations.

The stand sits on balled feet and has a simple design of horizontal lines that surrounds the piece. Each vessel is made from cut glass with a small and intricate lattice design.

As advised in the summary above, please be aware there are small chips/nibbles to each piece. These are mentioned for transparency but are not immediately visible given their size and the design of the glass. Please note also the two different stoppers.

All said, it is truly a delightful item that is over 160 old - quite a special antique specimen indeed that is as relevant today as it was during Victoria's reign.

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