Exquisite Art Nouveau Tea Set by J P Kayser

Exquisite Art Nouveau Tea Set by J P Kayser

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MAKER: J P Kayser and Sons
ORIGIN: Germany (Krefeld-Bochum)
PERIOD: Victorian
STYLE: Art Nouveau
CONDITION: Excellent
TRAY WIDTH: 50cm / 20" DEPTH: 21cm / 8"
TEAPOT HEIGHT: 12cm / 5"
BOWL HEIGHT: 8cm / 3"
JUG HEIGHT: 5cm / 2"

This four piece tea set celebrates quintessential Art Nouveau design - more precisely Jugendstil design as it originates from Germany.

The complete set includes a tea pot with its handle wrapped in wicker. Remarkably, given its 120 years, the wicker remains in perfect condition. The sugar bowl and milk jug are also in absolutely fantastic condition. You will see the finial from the bowl is no longer there but this does not detract from the beauty of the set. The tray sits sturdy and balanced and has only some wear related blacks spots but these are minor and in only a few places.

The design is elegant and discrete with only a repeating diamond motif as embellishment. Otherwise, each piece has dramatic sharp lines perfectly matched with the curves of the handles and domes of the lids.

It really is a special set that would be a very welcome addition to your collection.

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