Victorian Small Liqueur Decanter in White Metal

Victorian Small Liqueur Decanter in White Metal


MAKER: Unknown
ORIGIN: England
DATE OF MANUFACTURE: 19th Century (Second half)
MATERIALS: White Metal, Cut Glass
PERIOD: Victorian
STYLE: Decorative
CONDITION: Silver plate rubbed from mount, Glass perfect without blemish
HEIGHT: 17cm / 7" WIDTH: 12cm / 5" DEPTH: 9cm / 4" WEIGHT: 512grams / 18oz

This antique jug is a delightful item from the Victorian era.

The style and shape reflects those of a conventional claret jug from this period. The only difference being this jug's diminutive size. Approximately, one third of a standard size.

One would expect the vessel's use would be for liqueur rather than claret.

As mentioned in the summary above and the photos included, the silver plating has rubbed almost entirely from the white metal. There is also a tiny dent where the lid reaches the handle when open. Despite these observations, one can still appreciate the craftsmanship and engraved details of the mount and handle.

The cut glass has a very decorative and geometric design, reminiscent of late Victorian trends. The glass is presented in wonderful condition and has no chips or scratches.

An appealing piece that is as contemporary today as it was over a century ago.

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