Art Deco Silver Plate Jug Cocktail Shaker

Art Deco Silver Plate Jug Cocktail Shaker


MAKER: Crusader
DATE: 1925-1939
MATERIALS: Silver Plate
PERIOD: George V
STYLE: Art Deco
CONDITION: Excellent
HEIGHT: 24 cm / 10 inches
WIDTH: 20 cm / 8 inches
DEPTH: 11 cm / 4 inches
WEIGHT: 633 grams / 22 ounces

This authentic jug shaped cocktail shaker is the epitome of classic Art Deco design.

Made at the height of the period, this shaker of proudly offered to you in magnificent condition.

The silver plating is clean and without scratches or any rubbing whatsoever.

The chained screw cap turns and closes perfectly.

Internally, it is spotless and without any blemishes.

In every way, it is like it was made yesterday rather than almost 100 years ago!

A collectors dream!

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