Early Victorian Six Piece Silver Plate Cruet Set

Early Victorian Six Piece Silver Plate Cruet Set


MAKER: Henry Wilkinson and Co.
ORIGIN: England (Sheffield)
DATE: 1843-1871
MATERIALS: Silver Plate, Glass
PERIOD: Early Victorian
HEIGHT: 24 cm / 10 inches
WIDTH: 20 cm / 8 inches
DEPTH: 15 cm / 6 inches
WEIGHT: 1.6 kilograms / 56 ounces

This cruet set was made by Henry Wilkinson and Co - the second company, only to Elkington and Co. to receive a patent for electroplating.

Designed and made during the first half of Victoria's reign, this set is indeed a very special item.

The stand is in magnificent condition with absolutely no rubbing to the top quality plating. The handle is articulated and can be moved down for easy access to the bottles.

The bottles themselves are made from high quality glass and cut in a handsome geometric style.

They comprise three oil bottles, a mustard pot, pepperette and cayenne bottle - with its original gilt spoon - rare in itself. All are in wonderful condition bar the pepperette.

As you can see photos, it has some damage to the rim. Despite this, the mount sits tight so the bottle can still be used for its intended purpose. Also, one of the stoppers has been replaced.

A truly wonderful example of a 19th century cruet set that we know you will love.

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