Edwardian Three Piece Silver Cruet Set 1908

Edwardian Three Piece Silver Cruet Set 1908


A beautiful example of a three piece hallmarked silver cruet set.

Made by Levi and Salaman in Birmingham, the tudor-style silver work is in fantastic condition.

This is the only set we have seen that is made with this beautifully muted mauve glass. As you will know, these sets are more often than not made with conventional blue glass.

As seen in photo 6, there has been a repair to the glass of one vessel but it is a perfect repair and is not visible when back in its silver case.

A truly lovely example of an antique silver cruet set.

MAKER: Levi and Salaman

PLACE OF ORIGIN: England (Birmingham)


MATERIALS: Silver and Glass

PERIOD: Edwardian

CONDITION: Very Good. Crack in glass to one pot as shown in photo


Height (Salt/Pepper): 7 cm / 3 inches

Width (Salt/Pepper): 3 cm / 1 inch

Height (Mustard): 4 cm / 1.5 inches

Width (Mustard): 6 cm / 2 inches

Depth (Mustard): 4 cm / 1.5 inches

Weight (Set without Glass): 68 grams

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