Elkington and Co. Silver Plate Biscuit Box with Provenance -1878

Elkington and Co. Silver Plate Biscuit Box with Provenance -1878

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MAKER: Elkington & Co.
ORIGIN: England (Birmingham)
PROVENANCE: Sir Charles Edward Shaw MP, 1st Baronet
MATERIALS: Silver Plate
PERIOD: Victorian
STYLE: Decorative
CONDITION: Good (rubbing to plating in places)
HEIGHT: 17 cm / 7 inches
WIDTH: 28 cm / 11 inches
DEPTH: 18 cm / 7 inches

Elkington and Co. invented electroplating in 1838.

40 years later, they designed and made this very decorative biscuit box.

They were the first and the best at this craft and this piece is a perfect example of their artistry.

The silver plate box is covered with heavily detailed engraving that is still deep and defined today. The attached tray with its imposing handles and feet certainly transforms this from normal to special. There is some rubbing to the plating on all sides. Not immediately noticeable due to the quality of Elkington and Co. plating as well as the detailed engraving but it is there and we are sharing for transparency.

Coming with provenance, this box was originally owned by 1st Baronet, Sir Charles Shaw MP. The cartouches on the back and front carry his insignia. A crest of five crossed arrows accompanied with the phrase 'nil desperandum' - 'never despair', written underneath.

A very fine and special piece of history that is as contemporary today as it was 141 years ago.

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