Magnificent Elkington and Co Three Bottle Tantalus - 1851

Magnificent Elkington and Co Three Bottle Tantalus - 1851


MAKER: Elkington and Co.
ORIGIN: England (Birmingham)
DATE: 1851
MATERIALS: Silver Plate, Glass
PERIOD: Victorian
CONDITION: Excellent
HEIGHT: 34 cm / 14 inches
WIDTH: 24 cm / 10 inches
WEIGHT: 2.6 kilograms / 92 ounces

Elkington and Co. invented electroplating in 1838.

A mere 13 years later, they designed and made this magnificent tantalus.

An absolutely striking item it includes three bottles each cut with an intricate lattice design. The mushroom shaped stoppers complement the vessels handsomely.

Each bottle has a plated neck label - BRANDY, GIN & PORT. These labels are in fantastic condition with no rubbing or dents.

The large and impressive stand itself is classic Elkington. The plating quality is second to none and the stand remains sturdy and balanced and is without and rubbing whatseoever - the sign of true craftsmanship after all this time.

A first class example of a three bottle tantalus that we are sure you will love and admire.

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