Original Art Deco Ebony Elephant Book Ends

Original Art Deco Ebony Elephant Book Ends


This pair of original Art Deco bookends have been hand carved beautifully.

Standing 16 cm tall, they are presented in great condition and definitely remind you of the Art Deco era.

As you can see in the photos, one of the elephant's ears shows some damage and there is general minor wear but this wear is only commensurate with age and definitely not a distraction from the set's beauty.

They remain strong and sturdy and would keep all your books standing upright.

Each bookend is:

Height: 16 cm / 6.25 inches
Length: 17 cm / 6.75 inches
Width: 10 cm / 4 inches
Total Weight: 1,275 kilograms / 2.8 pounds 

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