Original Victorian Red 'Master of the Hunt' Tailcoat in Fantastic Condition

Original Victorian Red 'Master of the Hunt' Tailcoat in Fantastic Condition


This is a very special piece of English history that can't be passed by.

The origin of the red hunt coat that everybody associates with fox hunting in England is not easy to pin down.

Old paintings show many of the men, more than today, attired in red coats.

The Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, E. Cobham Brewer, 1894, gives the following explanation:

"The red coat in fox-hunting is a badge of royal livery, hunting being ordained by Henry II as a royal sport."

Nowadays the red coat is worn by hunt staff, male Masters and men who have been given their hunt button.

One way of telling who are Masters, hunt staff or other members are by the number of buttons on their coat.

3 buttons - normal hunt subscriber
** 4 buttons - Master **
5 buttons - huntsman and whippers-in

In wonderful condition, the dimensions of this coat are:

Shoulder to shoulder: 16 inches / 40 cm
Chest (armpit to armpit): 17 inches / 42.5 cm
Waist: 14 inches / 35 cm
Sleeve: 23 inches / 57.5 cm
Length (front): 18 inches / 45 cm
Length (back): 41 inches / 102.5 cm

This coat comes with its complete set of Master's buttons - a collectors item in their own right.

You will see from the photo, that there is some wear to the lining at the base of the tails. It could be repaired easily but we feel reticent to alter the original material.

Please do message us if you would like to know more or see more photos.

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