WMF Silver Plate Claret Jug

WMF Silver Plate Claret Jug


ORIGIN: Germany
DATE: 1910-1925
MATERIALS: Silver Plate, Etched Glass
PERIOD: George V
Style: Aesthetic
CONDITION: Very good
HEIGHT: 33 cm / 13 inches
WIDTH: 13 cm / 5 inches
WEIGHT: 0.82 kilograms / 29 ounces

This claret jug was made by the famed WMF company.

A leafy motif is seen across both the silver plate mount as well as the highly decorated acid etched glass. 

Both elements are in fantastic condition. You will see from the photos, there is some minimal wear to the top of the mount but it does not distract from the piece's beauty.

Specifically, the intricately engraved handle as well as the sharp, torpedo shaped finial.

A classic and sought after specimen that we know you will love.

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